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It is with great joy that I invite you to tune in and watch my interview with the great and charming Ismael Cala on on October 20th at 9:00PM @CNN en Español. We’ll be talking about so many things: from my love of the Galapagos Islands to writing and music, from silence retreats and my family roots and sons to new ideas and projects. 
The program is set to reprise October 21st at 2:00am & 2:00pm.
Don’t miss it!
Cristina Morrison and Ismael Cala


I was longing to go back to my roots, the theatre and life works in mysterious ways. I’m back on stage having joined the cast of Tabula RaSa in the production of El Invierno de Abril directed by Ramiro Antonio Sandoval.

A steampunk inspired “mise en scene” drama thriller that talks about human traffic and prostitution. I’m taking on the role of Evelyn, “bourgeois” frustrated writer that receives a call one day from her long forgotten daughter, April. A young girl turned forcefully into a prostitute. Join this Companies wonderful ensemble cast and discover April’s chilly winter. 

I’ll be only performing October 29th, 30th, 31st & November 1st!

If you are in New York, Join me!



BARONESA is an amorous masterpiece. Stories of seduction, of mesmerising beauty and of strange and beautiful musical topographies just seem to fall into place. Tantalising lines that unfold in the pianism of Misha Piatigorsky. 

Four languages through different styles and genres like: bolero, drum & bass, cha cha cha, lounge, arab rhythms and more.  An eclectic cross genre world jazz production.

Available on Itunes & Amazon Music

Cristina Morrison shapes every vocalastic phrase with the greatest care. She paints aurally on a dreamscape in vocal brushes that arc and undulates as if mimicking the waves of the ocean. She is at once enigmatic and accessible and her lyricism is of the highest order reaching its proverbial climax on “SPANISH DREAMLAND INQUISITION “

Raul da Gama (LatinJazzNet)

Oh, why don’t you just sail through these troubled waters of my tempest heart

for in battle you have to encounter gods, beasts & humans but more so, yourself.

So I say say say, set your compass for clearer skies ‘cause the spirit doesn’t change,

it’s only the mood.

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