It’s been quite a while since last time I sent a Newsletter. I hope you’re all doing well while we’re going through these strange times. New moments call for new ways and I’m sure many of you have come to reflect upon your values, priorities and lives.

May we be open to face challenges, movement, stillness and endure whatever comes our way by embracing it & adapting. Hopefully, we will see each other soon as venues & stages open up for live performances.

Meanwhile, a new year is here and I’m happy to share some news!




I’m honored to announce that I’ve been elected to join the board of directors of ACEC – Academia de las Artes Visuales y Cinematográficas del Ecuador – I have been appointed as it’s Treasurer and as it’s PR & Communication person.
Our main objective: to make our 108 member Academy stronger.

Some of the Academy’s work includes:

Selecting films that will represent Ecuador in all international awards like the Oscars (USA), Goya (Spain), Ariel (Mexico), Platino (Ibero American) and more.

Working with FIACINE (Ibero American Federation of Film Academies) to bring film festivals, gather data on our industry, education, coordinate workshops, talks and other possible joint efforts.




I had the pleasure of working again with New York based Venezuelan director, Leo Zelig. Little Squares is a remotely produced film with a cast of 20 actors throughout 9 countries, shot with a very small crew “in situ” and directed through Zoom. I’m playing Miranda, a whistle blower high profile journalist, who I enjoyed giving life to. It was a challenging and interesting experience as we adventures into a new model of making movies. The film is expected to open this year.



 I founded the Fest online last year while my sons and I were under strict lock-down in Quito. It was a response to the Archipelago’s residents needs as the pandemic took over and tourism fell as one of the hardest hit industries. I later joined forces with “Fundación Un Cambio por la Vida” so as to channel & implement the donations. Today, we continue to raise funds for more community projects for which you’re invited to join. More donation info below.

Our efforts include:

Past support for:

* Food baskets for vulnerable residents and Galapagos National Park guides.

* Bio safety kits handed out at local health centers.

* Pharmacy coupons.

Current projects:

* We’re working alongside the Municipality of Isabela on creating a Bio Store for the Micro Entrepreneur Association.

Its members will also receive management & service training, and technical support.

Future projects:

 Micro credits to help reactivate the island’s economy

Urban gardens

If you’d like to DONATE and keep our efforts going on the Islands you can do so through our CAF AMERICA Fund at:
Your donation is tax deductible – In advance, we THANK YOU!

Galapagos Music Fest



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